Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Consultant Kit is Here!!!

New Consultant Kit is Here!!!

The new consultant kit is beautiful!
Do you crave creativity, relish warm relationships, or savor 
industry? We embrace all types, whether you’re creative-, 
community-, or business-minded.

 By becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant, 

you join an elite team that supports 

and honors what makes you exceptional!!

***It’s easy to join. ***

As part of your enrollment you will purchase the Consultant Kit for only $129 USD / $149 CAD. Your kit includes the basic business and creative supplies you need to start your journey and is valued over$445 USD / $530 CAD! Join us and discover all the wonderful rewards of being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant.

Are you a former Consultant? When you re-sign up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant during August using the same email address from your previous Consultant account, you have the opportunity to pick from either a

***“business building essentials” version of the
        New Consultant Kit for $49 USD/ $58 CAD 

***regular New Consultant Kit for $129 USD / $149 CAD. 

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