Thursday, February 20, 2014


As you know (and if you don't, you should!) 

Close To My Heart's Embossing Folders are all the rage. 

 Of course, you can purchase as many folders as you want! You can purchase any of the folders on my website. Our embossing folders are 5" X 7" folders and have the most wonderful, deeply embossed designs.

  Today, I thought I'd share a few fun techniques with the folders. I have chosen to use Crystal Blue Cardstock and Twilight Ink with the Quatrefoil folder on the examples I will be showing you today with the different techniques. 

Technique #1 - Plain: This is what a piece of paper looks like just simply run through your embossing machine and the folder.  

Technique #2 - Sanding:  After embossing your paper, try gently sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper. I recommend going one direction only so as not to tear your paper. Close To My Heart Cardstock has a white core, so you get a pretty white pattern. This example I have sanded quite a lot, but you can sand less for a more subtle white pattern.

Technique #3 - Ink Direct to Pattern:  After embossing, take your stamp pad and rub it directly on the raised pattern.  You can also use a sponge but I prefer the direct from the pad inking method for this look.

Technique #4 - Ink Direct to Embossing Folder: For this technique, you will want to rub your ink pad directly to the inside of the embossing folder. If you rub the positive (pokey outie) side, you'll get the look on the right. If you rub the negative side (the innie side), you'll get the look on the left.

Technique #5 - Embossing Long Strips of Paper:  Most embossing folders make that impossible, but leave it to Close To My Heart to take a great idea and take it one step further. The top of our folders have a 4 1/2 slit in them. To emboss a strip (great for a 12" x 12" layout!), place the top portion of your paper in the folder and run it through your machine. After that, pull your strip up through so that you can emboss the bottom portion. Be sure to line up your pattern with what you've already embossed.

Here is a photo of the embossing folders we carry. The designs are so versatile and right on trend.

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